Golden impulse of «Swissgolden» conference in Argentina!

15 December 2014
Golden impulse of «Swissgolden» conference in Argentina!

The meeting with gold partners from Asian countries that took place in Turkey has just finished and on the 19th of November Director of the Company Kseniya Kreger along with Company leaders Elena Boychuk and Valerii Solomko went on a long trip to Argentina to meet with Latin American partners.

Team of Argentine partners, led by Natalia and Alejandro Arguill greeted guests in the airport with ‘« Swissgolden » Welcome to Argentina!’ posters.

Schedule of our international delegation was made up very tightly: conference started just three hours later in Neuquén, the largest city and capital of the Argentine Patagonia (the wealthiest province in Argentina). That was the city where meetings, presentations and trainings have been held by leaders of the Company for seven days from 20th to 27th of November.

According to the subsequent events the Argentine partners and partners from Chile and Bolivia required our information very much, because most of them had an incomplete idea of the business in our ‘Swissgolden’ Company.

Now they will be able fully and properly convey to their customers gist of our golden business which is the creation of the company's turnover by forming a collective order for purchase of investment gold bullion.

The following events should be noted among of them: the presentation of business for the ladies, as well as the dinner with prominent local businessmen, including large petroleum industry businessmen and fruit and wine merchants engaged in worldwide trade.

The Business meeting made generously and on a gold scale with Argentine millionaires proved their great interest in the services of our Company and joining our VIP-program.

Organizers of the Golden Week in Argentine were very creative and held one of the meetings in world- famous Museum of Dinosaurs in El Chocon, where powerful 5-hours long training for partners took place.

The signature moment of the Golden Weekend in Argentina was perfectly organized conference for 150 guests and partners in ‘IL CASTELLO MARIETTA’. It was a bright 10-hours long emotional feast where South American leaders of the Company were awarded to the music, songs and dances.